Sep. 2022

Now that the new album is out and new tees designed (see below), something ELSE magical is happening...

We are THRILLED to announce that we are now getting ready to make our way back to the stage for the first time since before the world shut down!

Getting our set list organized, new material learned, and new gear programmed- we can't WAIT to jam out live with you again!

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Aug. 2022

I am incredibly excited and relieved to finally be all settled in my new studio space.

As I welcome in the magic that will be created in this room I can't help but reflect on the journey getting here, and what it means to be a "future":

I am a product of my past. Every decision big and small that I've made over the years has brought me to the present, who I am today.

While there will always be things I wished I had done differently, I accept and love who I have become and look forward with optimism to what is yet to be. Thank you to all who have followed my journey thus far. <3

- Nate Fenwick







- New show dates coming soon! -






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